CalDAV + CardDAV lightweight server: Baïkal

Baïkal offers ubiquitous and synchronized access to your calendars and address books over CalDAV and CardDAV. Baïkal implements the current IETF recommendation drafts of these industry standards for centralized calendar and address book collections.

via CalDAV + CardDAV lightweight server: Baïkal.

One thought on “CalDAV + CardDAV lightweight server: Baïkal”

  1. Baikal works nicely here with my Android device (better then Owncloud but this is just my personal experience). But on Android it is required to install additonal apps to sync with CalDAV (Calendars) and CardDAV (Contacts).

    I’m currently testing this two here with the latest Baikal release and the first tests look promising:

    But there also some others which i want to look into, e.g. acal.

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