Back from a long weekend in Stockholm!

Well I’ve just returned from a great weekend with my friend Annika in Stockholm. The weather was a “little” cold ;-), but nothing out of the ordinary! I got to see the city and eat my way through more seafood than I would usually partake in. Went the Vasa museum, which was excellent. Is an amazing sight to see a entire ship which is that old that spent so long (333 years) under water. Having seen the Mary Rose in Portsmouth, the Vasa is much more impressive. Strangely though, they both sank for the same reason (tiered gun-ports left open on maiden voyage)….doh! Ate a great traditional swedish meal (minced veal/mash/cranberry sauce) in the Söderhallen (a bit like Harrod’s food hall) in the traditional market next to the Medborgarplatsen.

Also went across to the old town on Sunday via the small ferry to see the sights including the King’s palace. I really can advise visiting Stockholm, although the summer is apparently the best time to do so. The people are brilliant, the country is clean, organised and everything works! The more I see of other European countries I am convinced that the UK is in danger of becoming a second world country!!