Enjoying Germany

I have spent my last week with Kerstin in Dortmund, Germany. Although it is not the most beautiful of cities, being quite industrial in a “Sheffield kind of way”, it does have its own charms. I like how many of the newer buildings sit quite comfortably with the older buildings that survived the bombs during World War II. It feels open and clean and had a nice cafe culture going on. The public transport is fantastic with trams, tube and great cheap, fast trains running between the surrounding cities such as Essen, Düsseldorf and Köln.

Anyway, I am back next week to finally start some work. I am looking forward to getting my teeth into something now. I also heard from Tim, now in Rio and lording it up. He talked about sunshine, sitting on the beach, drinking cold beers in the sun and such like.

Visit to Zandvoort and Amsterdam, Holland

Last weekend Kerstin and I decided to go to Holland, so that she would have some kind of proper holiday as well. Her older brother had kindly loaned her his car and we drove to Zandvoort near Haarlem in Holland. It took us just 4 hours, maybe a little less. We spent a nice afternoon walking on the beach and then the following day took the train into Amsterdam. We spent the day there walking round and generally chilling out and watching the world go by. We took loads of photos which I will put on the internet when I get back to the UK.

View the photos of Zandvoort, Holland.

For those who have known me for a long time, you will be surprised to know that it was my first visit to Amsterdam, and in fact Holland too. With only a day there we didn’t really know what to do with our limited time. We settled on not trying to do any of the museums or getting stoned either, but just enjoying the atmosphere and chilling out whilst wondering around the centre of the city. I loved the place with it’s bustling little markets, beautiful canals and stunning architecture. The Red Light District was a real opener, and I was quite shocked to see everything that I had previously heard about, but never experienced “in the flesh” as it were, or more appropriately, seen personally!

View the photos of Amsterdam, Holland.