The US dollar bill secret!

I came across a US dollar bill when travelling in Guatemala which had stamped across it “Where’s George” and a web address. I had forgotten all about it until checking my lottery ticket today it fell out of the back of my wallet. I typed in the web address to find a really cool project that tracks US currency using the bill’s serial number.

I typed in the serial number, not really knowing what would happen as a result, selected my location (all the UK locations happened to be US postings in the UK – mostly air bases) and wrote a comment about how I came  across the note and where. After submitting the form it turned out that two and a bit years ago someone else did exactly the same as me in New York. I think this is a really cool project. They should do it in the UK!

The website is quite interesting and you can also view my dollar bill too.

I have previously thought about doing something similar with books. There are cerain books that you happily share, or feel the requirement to force a good book upon your friends and family, which you could then track. I wrote a couple of such notes to email me on books I swapped when travelling, but nobody has emailed me yet. Maybe I should do a little website project that does just that and tracks books. Readers can comment on them, state who they got them from and who they gave it to. Maybe could do something geographically with it. Select your position from a map and return the longitude and latitude. Mayeb that might be too hard for people, keeping it simple is the requirement here I reckon. I’ll have to have a think about it.

Another great weekend in Germany

I have just flown back this morning from a great weekend with Kerstin in Dortmund. I went out Thursday morning and returned on the early flight today with EasyJet to London Luton. The flight only takes 55 minutes, so you can be on the motorway by 8am – fab.

We had tickets to see the Werder Bremen v Borussia Dortmund football match yesterday, which was really fun. 25 Euros each for the ticket and shared the stadium with 81,300 fans. The Dortmund fans in bright yellow dominated the other side (I was nominated to support Bremen). Unfortnately Bremen lost 1-0, but it was a great day out.

Excellent product – Printed Photo Album

I came across a rather cool product today, which I might use for my travel photos. The company, “Times Remembered” call the album the “Hardcover Photo Memory Book”, which is a little long winded but is I guess, descriptive! I thought that they are a little expensive, but check them out anyway.

Please note that this is not an endorsement of any kind. I have not purchased one before nor seen a finished copy.