Autumn is here, life trickles on

I’ve really noticed the weather changing over the last week. Autumn really feels like it has arrived, with chilly fresh mornings and cool evenings. I haven’t been rained on yet so I can’t complain.

Kerstin and I have been busy both with work. Teaching both English and Spanish seems to involve a great deal of preparation work and she has to put in a lot of hours. I’ve been working on some SQL Reporting Services applications, which, excluding a few minor nuisances, is pretty good. I much prefer it to over Crystal Reports in comparison, especially considering it is free with a valid SQL Server 2000 license. You can even build your own report server application in ASP.NET and link it through via the Reporting Services web service.

I’m currently considering an interesting mini project which is a Flash game to accompany the release of a music video of a well known pop star. It’s a while since I’ve dabbled in the fine art of ActionScript, so I might turn it down for fear of not being able to deliver on time. Still, tempting though!

I’m also considering a rather addictive website idea for the World Cup, but I have a couple of things to iron out before investing my time in it. I think it could be fun as it would essentially a long running multiplayer game. If I do it I’ll need some volunteers to beta test the site and give me feedback. You’ll need to have an active interest in football though! Give me a yell via the feedback form if you are interested in getting involved.
Still looking out to a sunny morning and life is good. Until the next time amigos! 🙂

XHTML – compliant links in new window

It is interesting, how when you really need something, it pops up for you conveniently right under your nose. Today I was looking for a good way to open up a new window, but the XHTML syntax check throws a wobbly on target=”_blank” contained in anchor tags.

I then happened to start reading Fuzzy Outlines RSS feed because I noticed a new post and yesterday Paul posted an entry about DOM scripting, which lo-and-behold contains a very neat example of opening a new window, whilst still maintaining the link in a standard Google-friendly manner (no and is XHTML compliant.

To check it out go the Fuzzy Outline website.

Polter Abend in Bremen

We have spent a rather nice weekend in Bremen with Kerstin’s parents. Our main purpose for the trip however, was to go to what is called a “Polter Abend”. Literally translated as “Noisy Night”, it is traditional in Germany to have such a party before the night of the wedding. This however, was not the night before, but several weeks, but the principal remains the same!

Those of you who feel observant will notice the word “polter”, also appears in “poltergeist”, literally a ghost that makes noise and a disturbance. Those of you that already realised that poltergeist was a German word the English stole, go to the top of the class. The rest of you (like me) who just went, “oh yeah!”, stand in line behind me in the “I’m with stupid” queue!

On first arrival the tradition is to take old plates and crockery and with great gusto, smash them on the floor. The idea is quite simply that the more you smash now, the less you smash during the marriage!

Julia and Marco are long time friends of Kerstin, who is Matron of Honour at the wedding, which we will be going to near Rome at the end of the month. Julia was at school with Kerstin and they have been best friends from an early age. The party was fanastic, and we crawled back home in the early hours after finishing off alot of beer, cognac and fat cigars. The party was that good, that my camera remained in Kerstin’s bag and no pictures are to be had of the evening what so ever!

We are now looking forward to the wedding, which we hope will be just as fun!