Mallorca – Dinghy sailing advice welcome

Kerstin and I are now pretty settled in Mallorca. Apartment is lush and work is going well.

I’m now thinking of starting competitive sailing again. I’m looking at the RS600 and Musto Performance Skiff as preferred options, but both are really pricey. Would love to hear of anyone who has either to here the pros and cons. I’m an experienced 420 sailor, predominantly as crew so I’m used to the wire. My weight is around 65 kilos, or just under 10 stone, so advice on optimal weight for both would be useful too. I’m a bit rusty, but looking to join a club here on Mallorca. I hear there a few people racing the MPS in Pollenca. Any advice on sailing clubs in Mallorca with large handicap fleets would also be very welcome (especially membership advice / costs).