Sony Ericsson K800i Review

After a 4 years without upgrading my personal mobile phone, mainly due to my satisfaction with a Nokia 7250i, I finally succumbed to a non Nokia handset. I have traditionally always been a Nokia user due to the fact that I was comfortable with their interface, that for years was far better than any other mobile handset manufacturer on the market.

Times have changed, and so has the handset market. I wanted something that was flexible and offered a range of functions, whilst still maintaining a small form factor and well, just looked cool.

The Sony Ericsson K800i was recommended to me by a family member, and it seems that she was spot on with her advice. It has an excellent camera (3.2 mega pixels with Xenon flash and stabilizer) and a built in MP3 player thrown in for good measure as one would expect from a Sony Ericsson product. You can extend the Sony memory stick up to 2GB, which provides a great deal of storage for such a small device. The phone comes with a rather limited 64MB memory stick, which I have to say, doesn’t go that far when you start loading music onto the device. It also has video built in, and two cameras, one via the normal still camera, and the other via a tiny in-call-style camera that is built in above the excellent and rather large high resolution screen.

For me, a key ingredient was connectivity. I wanted to be able to connect the device with my laptop, and the K800i comes with various connectivity options, including USB, Bluetooth and infrared.

There seems to be much more the K800i offers, but I am yet to discover them. It has several built in games, and excellent proper web browser, RSS reader and photo blogging via Google’s Blogger.

I am really enjoying this handset. It seems relatively sturdy (the one exception being the camera cover) and packed full of features. I highly recommend it, but remember you’ll need to upgrade the memory.