RSS that should exist but doesn’t

There are several RSS feeds that I am truely surprised don’t exist. The companies are at the forefront of web services, API development and RSS content delivery, but seem to have forgotten two rather important feeds. Those companies are Flickr (Yahoo) and Youtube (Google)

The first, Flickr, has neglected to provide a feed for a user’s photosets. Photos are fine, and the RSS feed is pretty easy to find, but when a user has a lot of photos (as I do), a RSS feed of photos doesn’t make sense anymore. Ideally each RSS entry should have an inclusion of the photoset thumbnail photo as well.

The second, Youtube, neglects to provide a RSS feed for a user’s favourites (or favorites if you are American). You can quite easily get a user’s posted videos, but in my case I rarely post videos, but I do add videos to my favorites on a regular basis.