How to bring down the system in 10 easy steps

This is satirical post. It suggests that the system as we know it is at risk of collapse. It explores the reasons why I think we are closing in on a complete system breakdown. We are at step 9 of 10.

  1. Wait for the government bailouts to invokeĀ inflationary consequences
  2. Wait for unemployment to rise sharply
  3. Wait for the housing market to completely collapse
  4. Wait for the home owners to be stuck in negative equitity and lose their homes when they lose their jobs
  5. Wait for the protests and demonstrations by the hippies and anarchists
  6. Wait for the police brutalitity to get so bad that the media actually reports it
  7. Wait for the media to have their key rights (as the fourth estate) to be removed by the establishment
  8. Wait for the establishment to revoke your human rights, apply marshal law and implement a policed state
  9. Wait for the protests, widespread strikes and demonstrations by the general public including the middle classes
  10. Act and collectively stop paying all debts.

The past 9 months have demonstrated that the system is fallable. The interconnected governments, economies and social constructs are dependent on the free flow of credit. This is why we have seen the billions of dollars pumped into the financial system, even though in the long term the result will be massive inflation and an unimaginable burden of debt that will be passed on to the next generations.

The system is like a river. Every couple of years the public get a chance to slightly alter the course of the river in “democratic” elections, aimed to give us the feeling of choice and a voice. The end result, whoever we choose, is that the water in the river ends up in the sea. Action number 10, cuts off the water, and without water, the river runs dry.

Bringing down the system is risky. The result is most likely to be massive upheaval. Your comfortable lives will melt away, replaced with short to medium term pain; no jobs, starvation, violence and aggression.

However, in the long term, people will adapt, and a new system will takes the place of the old. Perhaps better, perhaps the same, perhaps worse, but like a phoenix, it will be stronger and less infallable than the one before.

What might scare you more is that the first 9 steps are passive, and many of them are, or have already occurred. It is only the very last step, that requires your collective and active participation to complete the process.

I think I have outlined how the system has its very own built in self destruct button. But are you prepared to press it? I’m not sure I would.Update 1st October 2010: Europe is now at step 9.