Howto: Flattr Widget for Blogger – The easy way

Flattr doesn’t automatically add your content to its site. In other words, you need to list your content under your Flattr account (e.g. my home page) and then you can link to that Flattr content (e.g. my Flattr entry for my home page).

This is why you can’t dynamically link the ‘current page being viewed on your blog’ to your flattr account. It needs to be to a specific Flattr url that you have previously created. If you try any of the current suggestions for integrating Flattr with Blogger, you’ll notice that the Javascript generated button will probably show “Error” or “Inactive” rather than showing what you expected. That’s because that content hasn’t been linked on Flattr.

I soon realised that Flattr expects you need to submit each piece of content individually. That means submitting each blog post manually. Rather than doing that, let’s just link all of our blog posts to our Flattr home page and people can Flattr that instead.

Ideally you want to add one little piece of code to have a Flattr button appear across all of the pages on your Blogger based blog. The designer lets you do that, but lets make it even easier and make this a four step process:

  1. Go to the Flattr submission page and enter the URL of your blogger website (i.e. Complete the form as if you were submitting your blog generically.
  2. Grab the unique URL that Flattr generates for your blog. e.g.
  3. Paste that URL below, click and rock and roll!
  4. Come back and don’t forget to Flattr me!
Easy Flattr widget for Blogger


I’ve updated the widget so that it automatically appears alongside your posts (as you’ll see on this website). You’ll need to remove the widget title (leave empty). This will name the widget ‘HTML/Javascript’ and you can drag and drop it directly above your ‘Blog Posts’ section in the ‘Page Elements’ Designer as per this screenshot:

Update 2
I have long since moved from Blogger to WordPress. This may or may not work!