Setting up Django Nonrel for GAE on Windows XP

Yep, Windows XP, but let’s not talk about that! Well, let’s, because it has been a bitch to get this all setup. Mainly due to my lack of reading the instructions correctly! First I got all of the modules downloaded, as zips because I couldn’t be bothered to install Mercurial since I already have Subversion and Git installed on this laptop, so I downloaded them manually. Windows XP doesn’t have easy symlinks, so I copied the folders into the testapp folder as described (well almost).

I then mapped the directory in the Google App Engine lanucher and boom:

Traceback (most recent call last): File “C:Program”, line 4144, in _HandleRequest self._Dispatch(dispatcher, self.rfile, outfile, env_dict) File “C:Program”, line 4049, in _Dispatch base_env_dict=env_dict) File “C:Program”, line 616, in Dispatch base_env_dict=base_env_dict) File “C:Program”, line 3120, in Dispatch self._module_dict) File “C:Program”, line 3024, in ExecuteCGI reset_modules = exec_script(handler_path, cgi_path, hook) File “C:Program”, line 2887, in ExecuteOrImportScript exec module_code in script_module.__dict__ File “”, line 26, in <module> setup_env() File “”, line 72, in setup_env setup_logging() File “”, line 111, in setup_logging from django.conf import settings ImportError: No module named django.conf

The error message is in some way obvious after working out what the problem was. When I copied the modules across into the test app directory, I copied each of them from the unzipped root directory, which was the cvs root, containing the unit tests, etc AND the module. I only needed the module. The result once you’ve succesdfully configured the django-testapp will be:

Getting started on Google App engine

With a spare few hours this evening I got myself set up for some Google App Engine (GAE) development. Now I have the following installed on my laptop:

  1. Python 2.5.4 (no Windows Installer for 2.5.6) and GAE only supports Python 2.5.x.
  2. Google App Engine SDK for Python. I nearly went with Go but decided against it for now because it is experimental and there isn’t much of a development community (as yet).
  3. Git Extensions for Windows including Mysysgit, KDiff and PuTTY.
  4. PyCharm from JetBrains

In my next session I want to:

  1. Get a Google App Engine account set up and follow these instructions onto Hello World
  2. Install Django following this walk-through
  3. Install Django Nonrel and walk-through this article
  4. Read the Django Book

Over and out…