Command prompt here in Explorer Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

As a developer, the ability to open a command prompt from within Explorer in the current folder, or selected folder is really useful. The alternative is to navigate using “cd whatever”. Well, not so obviously, Windows versions since Vista have a neat little feature that allows you to open up a command window from a selected folder from within Windows Explorer.

The trick is to right-lick on the folder you want to open in command prompt using SHIFT right-click and then selecting “Open Command Window here”.

Credit goes to @clawr on StackOverflow for this.

If you want a Visual Studio Command Prompt here, then you can add this to the registry. Here is an example for Visual Studio 2013:

If you want a different version of Visual Studio then change the version number! Credit goes to Chris Carroll.

If you want Linux style tools on Windows, I.e. those commands which you find on Unix systems (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian, etc) then I find it easiest to install Git Bash.