Activating DVB-C channels

We have a rather nice Panasonic 42″ plasma TV. It comes with a DVB-C, DVB-T and analogue tuners built in to the set. Unfortunately, our DVB-C didn’t seem to be working properly, and many of the commercial channels such as ProSieben and RTL were shown as encrypted. Frustrated with this I set out to find a solution, and came across the “Helsinki” trick.

I came across an article that described a similar problem on Philips televisions. The underlying issue is that Germany can’t decide on a standard for DVB-C decryption (used by cable providers). As a result, the big TV manufacturers have decided to deactivate the full DVB-C tuner options from German customers. Quite simply, they don’t want to deal with the customer support when the customer’s television doesn’t work as expected.
The simple trick is to restore your television to the factory settings, then when you restart, select Finland (Finland -Helsinki on the Panasonic) and you can still keep the language setting in German (or English) if you want.
Then go through the Auto-Tuning setup again, and you should get the channels you expected.

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