Arriving back in the UK via Madrid

Got back late Friday night to the UK. Had a bumpy old landing into Madrid first and a long flight that was quite draining, then jumped onto the late flight to London. I got the RailAir bus to Reading where my sister picked me up and we were back in Wales late that night. Was great to see the folks!

Listening to people talking is weird, as I now understand everything that I hear as it is in English rather than Spanish. Travelling my brain had learn to switch off when more than one conversation was going on as it was too hard to listen, but back here I can understand all the different conversation and it is weird as I can’t shut it out. It nearly drove me mad on the plane to Heathrow! It seems like the weather is pretty good in the UK too – a nice 19 degrees when I landed. Don’t know what you have all been fussing about with this “bad winter”!

I’m going to potter around down here in Wales for a week or so and then head out to Germany. Hoping to get back in the swing of work on my return from Germany.

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Ben Powell

Ben Powell was born in Wales and after living in several European countries is now resident in Germany. He is a frequent blogger, software developer and a social techie.

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