Back in Antigua

Tim and I left San Pedro on Friday, and got rather stung on a shuttle for 80 Qs each, but was worth it rather than the chicken buses which required three changes. Both of us were happy to have experienced San Pedro, but neither of us completely loved the place. If you smoke alot of pot, and enjoy getting screwed off your head then you’ll love the place!

Arrived back in Antigua yesterday evening and checked back into Jungle Party again. Got a nice welcome from Louis, the security guard, who I had given half a bottle of Barcardi Silver to when I had left. Apparently he had enjoyed it!

Checked this morning to see if our tickets had arrived at DHL but no such luck. Apparently we need a 10 digit DHL code, plus she couldn’t even find a trace of the package had been sent yet. Hopefully sent in when they said they did. We won’t hear anything now until Monday. Hopefully the package will have mysteriously appeared from the Guatemalan ether that is their postal system. Otherwise, things are starting to get a little tight. Tim and I hoped to spent a day or two in Nicaragua on the way down to Costa Rica. We’ll have to see, since the flight is only a week away.

Hope everyone is well in UK. Heard about the narrow loss of the Welsh rugby team to the All Blacks. One day guys. Let’s not forget that legendary victory in 1972 by the Scarlets!

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