Crazy Mexican Wrestling

Well another quick note on a very funny and enjoyable evening. After the pyramids a bunch of us decided to go to the Arena Mexico to watch live wrestling, Mexican style. It was without doubt one of the most hilarious nights of my life. All the wrestlers wear extravagant masks to cover their faces and the wrestling is of the Ealing Comedy variety! With some real characters, including my two favourites “Fahtie” (or that is what it sounded like) who was extremely large, but short at the same time, and the totally non-politically correct “dwarf in a monkey suit”, the night was made entertaining. One definitely to remember.

I think the bunch of us were the only non-Mexicans in the arena, and we had some strange looks but we had great fun. We got the crazy metro there and back, which is an experience in itself. All the trains run on rubber tires and if you thought the London Tube was busy, the Metro, Mexico style is like sardines in a hot tin can. People are literally shoved face up against the glass of the windows. Anyway, time to sign off. My feet hurt like hell! Buenos Noches!

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