Loved Buenos Aires

Well, first a quick update on Buenos Aires. It is a great vibrant city, with a variety to see and do, with great shopping and is a city I will have to revisit as soon as is possible.

The main centre for shopping is Av. Florida or Av. Santa Fe. All the shops you could possibly want, all at great prices because of the currency exchnage rates to the pound. I enjoyed a few days wondering around buying things to bring home!

Also spent some time in Palermo, the Covent Garden of BA, plus stayed in San Telmo, a bit more Bohemian and more like Camden in London.

Watched spontaneous tango demonstrations in the street and enjoyed some great food. Missed out on many of the museums and sights due to lack of time, plus didn’t get to go and see a football match, but I guess it just gives me more excuses to return!

View the photos of street tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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