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I have arrived safely in Mexico City and it is a crazy place with 20 million people living together in smoggy hecticity. The plane journey was fine, most of which I spent sleeping and the rest chatting and learning spanish with a lady from Madrid. Some pop band and the entire entrants to a Swedish reality show also seemed to be on the plane as well. Was rather strange when loads of screaming fans were outside the arrivals gate. Anyway, hostel in clean and I am shacked up with 2 ozzie girls and one swiss. I have just realised that I am due to check out tomorrow and I have not checked out anywhere to go to… oops!

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Went to see the ruins at Teotihuan today. Was fairly awesome to say the least. We also got to visit a cultural centre on the way that shows how traditionally people would work with the local plants and osidian rock. Was quite interesting but a little touristy. Teotihuacan itself was quite stunning. It was very busy, which was a bit of a surprise at the time, but looking back was obvious. Thought I would be some kind of Indiana Jones or something! Climbed to the top of the Temple of the Sun, but Temple of the Moon was closed. It was fairly easy to imagine what an amazing site this must have been in its heyday.

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