Off to Sweden to go snowboarding

You can probably tell from my lack of posting recently that it has been a busy couple of weeks. Needless to say, project deadlines are fast approaching and everything should be completed and deployed to the 20,000 users at the client by the middle of next week.

Christmas is coming and I truly can’t wait to see the back of this project. Not that it hasn’t been a good experience, but I need to get thinking about something different for a change.

I’m off to Åre in Sweden for a week of snowboarding after Christmas and I’m getting excited about it now. This will be the third time I’ve been on a snowboarding holiday now so I should be able to just step up and go without having to “find my feet” again.

The dream of commerical supersonic flight dies with Concorde

Many British will feel sad today by the last commercial flight of Concorde, a real British (and part French) innovation. Why is it that our children will never get to fly commercially, faster than the speed of sound? It seems strange to me that the commercial aerospace industry is going backwards.

I wonder what went so disasterously wrong with this industry that it will now not be possible for the foreseeable future to fly supersonic.