Photos from Ushuaia, Penguins and Iguazu

I have posted four new albums on the site, including me with the penguins in Tierra Del Fuego, sadly minus Groucho Marx glasses and comedy hats. Also from the Haberton Estancia which I felt deserved an album to itself. I also have pictures from Ushuaia, and notice the photos of the memorial to those sailors that died when the A.R.A. Belgrano sank after being struck from a torpedo from the British nuclear submarine “HMS Conqueror” during the Falklands War. Notably the first ship sunk by a nuclear submarine in wartime.

I also have pictures from the Cataratas De Iguazu that look great too, many of which I might get enlarged when I get back to the UK. Anyway, the full list is here:

Hope you enjoy as this will probably be one of the last photo posts before I come back!

Oh, and if you are wondering why I have a picture of a sexy woman in her underwear in the Ushuaia album, it is purely because I wanted to demonstrate how all advertising especially in Argentina, is almost entirely constructed on the “a semi-naked woman will sell anything” principle!!

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