San Cristobal – Chiapas

We have spent a nice few days in San Cristobal, one of the nicest colonial towns I think I have seen in Mexico. Chiapas is probably one of the poorest regions of Mexico, but the people are warm and friendly. A thriving trade is made from the sale of t-shirts with the rebel leader of EZLN who took over the town and its 5 surrounding towns a couple of years ago. The army presence here is quite string, with many “shock” style troops fully armed with M16 automatic rifles slung around their shoulders and full on combat gear.

I have met some great people here and had a few good nights out. There is a fun nightclub here and some nice bars too. I am however, a bit bored of Mexican food, but have found a curry house and a great veggie place.

It has been one of the most beautiful cities I have visited in Mexico. The people in the Chiapas region are mostly indigenous people who broadly fall under the Mayans, but actually are from various different tribes that stretch right through the Yucatan, through Guatemala, and through into Honduras. The people are very friendly, and most wear their traditional dress, especially the women. The young guys tend to wear more western clothes, and I have given up counting the number of England-Beckham shirts worn over here.

San Cristobal has been having a rather large cultural festival (Cervantes), which we arrived at for the final days. Although we had some issues with our hostel (if you stay at Dona Rositas make sure you are in her main hostel and not her son’s across the road) and ended up moving three times. The final one is pictured in the album, is brand new and is run by two Italians, who are lovely (if not a bit stoned).

Our accommodation has been up and down, from bad to good to great. I guess that is why we have met so many people recently! We all have just a a great night after cooking a big sleep up meal for 10 of us, washed down with home-made, with real sugar cane, mojitos. Lovely! On to Guatemala tomorrow or the next day.

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