Spatial sensing and measurement on mobile devices

APIs from RealityCap give iOS apps the ability to sense their surroundings in three dimensions. This patent-pending sensor fusion technology combines computer vision and inertial data to give your apps accurate 6DOF device motion and a 3D point cloud of the environment. RealityCap software runs on 2011 (A5-based) and newer devices in real time, with no additional hardware or markers. Results are accurate over both short and long distances, and come with absolute scale in meters.

via RealityCap » Mobile Spatial Sensing.

I’ve previously covered other apps that are coming to market to help DIYers and professionals to quickly size rooms. This is slightly different; in that their is no external tool. You take a photo, that gets sent to a web service that does the calculations to work out the length of different objects in the photo. Very smart stuff.

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