Cascades Aqua Azul to San Cristobal

We left Palenque around lunchtime with another lengthy drive towards San Cristobal. On the way we stopped at a set of waterfalls called “Aqua Azul”. Getting there was a a challenge. Firstly the road winds through the jungle, and falls away randomly. You often see whole families by the side of the road, especially next to speed bumps, selling local produce. Here they were extremely persistent, and even went as far as stringing rope barriers across the road on blind corners. To get into to Aqua Azul, we had a confusing double charge, first for the car (based on the number of people inside) and then for each person 200 metres further down the road. I’m sure that the locals just get tickets printed up and set up there own unofficial road blocks anyway! Aside from that, the falls themselves are stunning. Not really big by any means, but the colours were extremely dramatic.

Whilst we were there, a swimming lesson “Mexican” style ensued, and the kids seemed to have a great time. Whilst the others continued swimming, two local girls watched me taking photos of the guys with interest. I gestured to them whether I could take their photo. It was amazing to see how shocked they were when I showed them their photos on the screen of my digital camera. I guess it would seem a bit like magic.

View the photos of Cascades Aqua Azul, Mexico.

We continued on again by car to San Cristobal. Again we arrived late, but found a good hostel, where we are now. I plan to stay here a few days max, and then will head for Antigua in Guatemala. Tim is supposed to be arriving in Guatemala on the 17th so I will hang around and do a Spanish course for a while until then. I still am not sure what to do for xmas, but I’m sure that whatever it is, it will happily present itself in the form of an opportunity!

Adios for the time being.