Outsource HTML mock-ups built from PSD files

We shipped the PSDs off to PSD2HTML and got back the quotes: $295 for the simplest design, $972 for the most complex one.

We added two extras to the typical package:

Copy and paste in listing descriptions and photos from specific real listings from 42Floors instead of lorem ipsum placeholders

Use Bootstrap to make editing easier for us

Even though these were going to be static mockups, they had to feel real to first-time visitors, otherwise the test results would be worthless.  So, each mockup got rollovers, hovers, lists, and modals that showed real but pre-populated data.

via How we test fake sites on live traffic – 42Floors.

It is interesting to hear about and see the results of such a service. I had always been skeptical of such services, but seeing a company like 42Floors using PSD2HTML gives me some confidence in the service.

For more information (I have no affiliation with this company), you can visit http://www.psd2html.com. They also have a sister company that does designs http://outline2design.com.