Your Google location history on a map

Are you worried about the privacy of your location history leaking from your mobile / cell phone or wifi usage. Does it bother you that Google can track where you are and when you were there? Do you want to know what Google has stored about you?

A lesser known feature of Google’s know-everything-about-you is the location history tool. Not only can you filter by date ranges, but it also tracks your total distance traveled.

My location history is switched off. I find it rather intrusive. I also have the feature switched off on my Google Nexus 4, even though it degrades the Google Now feature quite significantly. The NSA ruined this kind of innovative feature if you ask me.


Photo credit: these birds are watching by José Pedro Costa

Spatial sensing and measurement on mobile devices

APIs from RealityCap give iOS apps the ability to sense their surroundings in three dimensions. This patent-pending sensor fusion technology combines computer vision and inertial data to give your apps accurate 6DOF device motion and a 3D point cloud of the environment. RealityCap software runs on 2011 (A5-based) and newer devices in real time, with no additional hardware or markers. Results are accurate over both short and long distances, and come with absolute scale in meters.

via RealityCap » Mobile Spatial Sensing.

I’ve previously covered other apps that are coming to market to help DIYers and professionals to quickly size rooms. This is slightly different; in that their is no external tool. You take a photo, that gets sent to a web service that does the calculations to work out the length of different objects in the photo. Very smart stuff.

Includes a portable GeoCoding domain model along with a generic IGeoCoder service interface. Current implementations include: Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Virtual Earth (aka Bing Maps). The API returns latitude/longitude coordinates and normalized address information. This can be used to perform address validation, real time mapping of user-entered addresses, distance calculations, and much more.