How to download the Cisco VPN Client software

If you are trying to download the Cisco VPN client 4.x or 5.x then prepare for the bad news. You can’t. Not unless you are a registered customer that is.

Where can I download the Cisco VPN Client software?

A. You must log in and possess a valid service contract in order to access the Cisco VPN Client software. Cisco VPN Client software can be downloaded from the Cisco Download Software ( registered customers only) page. If you do not have a valid service contract associated with your profile, you cannot log in and download the VPN client software.

In order to obtain a valid service contract, you can:

  • Contact your Cisco Account team if you have a Direct Purchase Agreement.
  • Contact a Cisco Partner or Reseller in order to purchase a service agreement.
  • Use the Profile Manager ( registered customers only) in order to update your profile and request association to a service agreement.

See the Cisco VPN Client FAQs for further information.

Photo by blickpixel (Pixabay)

Last week we discussed RESTful services, as well as how to create a REST service using WCF Web API. I’d like to remind you what’s really important is the concepts, not how to implement the services using a particular technology. Shortly after that, WCF Web API was renamed to ASP.NET Web API, and formally entered beta. In this post, we’ll discuss how to upgrade from WCF Web API to ASP.NET Web API. We’ll create a file uploading/downloading service. Before that, I’d like to give you some background about the motivation of this post.