LG Google Nexus 4 – How to fix no SIM card error

This morning I tried to switch my mobile phone on, only to be greeted by an error. It stated in the top left corner:

No SIM card. Emergency Calls only.

The date on the phone was set to the 1st of Janurary and every time I tried to restart the phone the error would not go away.

I removed the SIM card from the device using a bent staple (I couldn’t find that little widget to open it properly), and checked to make sure everything was clean.

Finally, I noticed that flight mode was still on. I went into the settings and switched flight mode off. I then restarted the phone and the SIM personal lock code appeared. After entereing my PIN successfully the phone was back to normal.

Hopefully this helps anyone else with the same error.

Your Google location history on a map

Are you worried about the privacy of your location history leaking from your mobile / cell phone or wifi usage. Does it bother you that Google can track where you are and when you were there? Do you want to know what Google has stored about you?

A lesser known feature of Google’s know-everything-about-you is the location history tool. Not only can you filter by date ranges, but it also tracks your total distance traveled.

My location history is switched off. I find it rather intrusive. I also have the feature switched off on my Google Nexus 4, even though it degrades the Google Now feature quite significantly. The NSA ruined this kind of innovative feature if you ask me.

Via: https://maps.google.com/locationhistory/b/0

Photo credit: these birds are watching by José Pedro Costa