Panajachel and Santiago De Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is one of those places where it seems to be touching the heavens. Arriving in Guatemala was hectic to say the least, especially for Franco and Elisa with the car, as many different papers are required and charges to be paid. Also, Guatemalans don’t seem to much like Mexicans, so the only place they seem to change Mexican pesos in Guatemalan Quezals is with the black market guys on the border.

We left San Cristobal for the border yesterday, and arrived in Panajachel in the late afternoon. Guatemala is visibly poorerthan Mexico, but the locals seem just as boyant, if not more so. WhilstFranco and Elisa went off to check a few hostels, I stayed to watch the car. I ran into Paul and Paul from England, who I had met on my first night in Mexico City. I had the day before met up with Cath too in San Cristobal, who was another of the group from my first night. Travelling around seems to go like that.

We found a really nice hostel and had a good night’s rest. We went down to the lake shore and got a good deal on a crossing to the other side ofthe lake to Santiago Del Atitlan. It was pretty much as touristy as Panajachel, but still fun. We are due to head off to Antigua in an hour or so, once my most recent photos are uploaded.

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