How to Submit Your App to Apple: From No Account to App Store

This two-part tutorial series will document every step of becoming an Apple iOS developer – from literally no account, to published on the App Store!

I’ll show you how to sign up for Apple’s iOS Developer Program, how to generate the various certificates needed, how to configure your app, and how to submit to the App Store for approval.

To create this tutorial, I created a completely new App Store account and submitted a new app to the App Store, keeping careful note of each step along the way.

How To: Share An iPhone Screen Live On the Internet


Anyone who’s built or is building an app can probably agree that there are really only two options for showing off what your app does to someone remote: let them in on a test build, or show them screenshots. Unfortunately neither of these options are really that great. Giving someone a test build of the app, especially when it’s incomplete, might not show your best colors. And screenshots alone will definitely not do it justice. I’ve been using the previous two options for months now to demo Circa to investors, partners, etc. and have found them entirely inadequate. So what’s the alternative?

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Screencasting on the iPhone (4S+) or iPad (2+).

Fixing the iPhone midnight reminders

Anyone that syncs Microsoft Outlook with their iPhone will probably have experienced the midnight wake up, only to find that a work colleague is going on holiday, or someone has a birthday.

Outlook doesn’t have a default way of seeing all appointments that have reminders, but it is fairly easy to do. Go to your calendar and click on Views -> Define Views.

Click New (or Copy an existing Calendar View). The settings you want are as follows:

  • Fields: Icon, Subject, Location, Start, End, Recurrence, Categories, All Day Event, Reminder
  • Group By: None
  • Sort: Recurrence (Ascending), Start (Ascending), End (Ascending)
  • Filter: Advanced – Add two new fields: All Day Event equals yes and Reminder equals yes

Name your view “All day events with reminders”. Now flick back to the calendar and apply that view under Current View. You’ll see a view not too dissimilar to this:

You can now identify those all day events that have reminders. For birthdays, you may want to change the reminder time to something more friendly. For holidays, you can simply click on the reminder icon and the reminder will be removed.

When you next sync your iPhone, you’ll find that you won’t be woken up at midnight any more.