Passing multiple Parameters to a Web API Controller

Single parameters work fine in either of these RPC scenarios and that’s to be expected. ModelBinding always works against a single object because it maps a model. But what happens when you want to pass multiple parameters?

Consider an API Controller method that has a signature like the following:

Here I am asking to pass two objects to an RPC method. Is that possible? This used to be fairly straight forward either with WCF REST and ASP.NET AJAX ASMX services, but as far as I can tell this is not directly possible using a POST operation with WebAPI.

Plazas and warrens both have their unique set of tradeoffs. Warrens are notoriously difficult to get started. New users, stuck in empty warrens often don’t know how to connect to hubs of activity. The onboarding process is crucial and still not well understood (Friendfeed found that people needed to add at least 5 friends to have a reasonable chance of sticking with the service). On the other hand, plazas only need to be started once and then they remain a hive of activity for new users to participate in from the first day.

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