Here I created a UsersRepository to consume all of the methods available for users and declared UsersResponse and a base StackResponse for the paging information that comes back on every request. Then within the UserResponse I get back the StackUser object off of UserResponse.Users

Source. A really nice guide how to create a .NET wrapper in C# for REST services.

A simple lightweight HTTP Request Library

Unirest is a set of lightweight HTTP libraries available in multiple languages.This is a port of the Java library to .NET.

Basic POST request example:

Async, file uploads, custom entity bodiesand multiple method types (get, post, put, patch, delete) are supported.

via Unirest for .NET – Simplified, lightweight HTTP Request Library.

Simpler, Cheaper, Faster: Playtomic’s Move From .NET To Node And Heroku

Here’s a good summary quote by Ben Lowry on Hacker News:

Just over 20,000,000 people hit my API yesterday 700,749,252 times, playing the ~8,000 games my analytics platform is integrated in for a bit under 600 years in total play time. That’s just yesterday. There are lots of different bottlenecks waiting for people operating at scale. Heroku and NodeJS, for my use case, eventually alleviated a whole bunch of them very cheaply.

Playtomic began with an almost exclusively Microsoft.NET and Windows architecture which held up for 3 years before being replaced with a complete rewrite using NodeJS.  During its lifetime the entire platform grew from shared space on a single server to a full dedicated, then spread to second dedicated, then the API server was offloaded to a VPS provider and 4 – 6 fairly large VPSs.   Eventually the API server settled on 8 dedicated servers at Hivelocity, each a quad core with hyperthreading + 8gb of ram + dual 500gb disks running 3 or 4 instances of the API stack.

These servers routinely serviced 30,000 to 60,000 concurrent game players and received up to 1500 requests per second, with load balancing done via DNS round robin.

In July the entire fleet of servers was replaced with a NodeJS rewrite hosted at Heroku for a significant saving.