Bootstrap ServiceStack MVC Backbone.js with Twitter and Facebook auth built-in

Is a Single Page App template using the finest, leanest, cleanest OSS parts $0 money could buy ūüôā

  • Twitters Bootstrap¬†– For Website design template, css, widgets
  • ServiceStack¬†– .NET REST Web Services Framework
    • MVC PowerPack¬†– Enhance MVC with clean Session, Caching, Logging, IOC & JSON libs
    • Bundler¬†– node.js, CoffeeScript, Less, Sass, JS and website bundling + minification features
  • ASP.NET MVC3¬†– ASP.NET MVC Web Framework
  • Backbone.js¬†– A lightweight MVC structure ideal for building Single Page Apps
  • Underscore.js¬†– A functional utility toolbelt required by Backbone
  • jQuery¬†– The ubiquitos JS library for providing a pleasant and smooth API around DOM quirks

Thinktecture.IdentityModel and ASP.NET Web API

As part of my work with the new Thinktecture.IdentityModel and JWT, I also updated the ASP.NET Web API integration. My first drop was based on this article. But had some limitation.

The next version is easier to use and much more flexible. It come out-of-the-box with support for:

  • Basic Authentication
  • Simple Web Tokens
  • JSON Web Tokens
  • Access Keys
  • SAML 1.1 & 2.0

The first version only supported the authorization header, now I am able to retrieve credentials from various locations like:

  • the authorization header (scheme / credential)
  • some other header
  • query string parameter
  • client certificate
  • cookie