How Octopus uses RavenDB

When I started building Octopus Deploy, I wanted to build something that worked well enough to release a beta and start getting feedback. I had plenty of experience with SQL Server and NHibernate/EF, so I decided to go with a SQL Server + EF Code First stack for my persistence layer.

In the recent 1.0 RC release, I switched Octopus to use RavenDB. In this post I’ll explain the reason for the change, and show how it is being used.

Video walkthrough – Building a StackOverflow clone with RavenDB

RavenOverflow – building a StackOverflow clone with RavenDB (by HibernatingRhinos)

If you haven’t got your head around the power of RavenDb yet, then watch this video of a pair programming session Ayende Rahien does with Justin Adler.

Be prepared to be blown away.