Waiting in San Pedro, Lago De Atitlan

Just a matter of waiting for DHL to “keep that promise” now. Let’s hope the TV advert lives up to it’s promise! Tickets should be here in a couple of days. Although this might be premature, I am going to recommend JourneyLatinAmerica.co.uk, as the girls there have been really great in organising our flights. They are based in Chiswick and have done nearly everything by email bar a call to give credit card details. Assuming the tickets turn up, I’ll hold that recommendation for them!

Gonna stay up at Lake Atitlan for a few more days. Met loads of people that I have met throughout my trip, including notable mentions for:

  • Gil, one of the secret 14 million travelling Israelis, kept in reserve once the Israeli government calls them back to take over the world. Seriously, he told me!
  • Morgan, a seriously cool guy from Sweden who has pretty much been travelling for the last 10 years, who’s Dad runs a hostel in Thailand, plus has managed to get malaria and dengue fever at the same time, been arrested in Florida after being accused of being in a bar brawl, and not helped by wearing a t-shirt that said “fuck you, you fucking fuck” at the time!
  • Leon, a Ozzie who was so stoned when I bumped into him here couldn’t remember for the life of him where he’d met me. It seems I have a stronger memory for names and faces than most people. We then met him later on being searched by the local police to his indignant replies in half Spanish that he had a licence to drive (he was walking and had his hands over his head, so I’m not sure what that was all about).
  • Laura, from London, or otherwise “Essex Borders”, who Tim and I have started to speak similarly too, only in Spanish. We haven’t found a translation for “init” yet though!
  • Jen who got stuck in Antigua, working in Jungle Party, whilst waiting for her credit card to appear from the Guatemalan postal system ether. She even forgave me after I broke the cardinal rule, by asking her, “what state are you from?”. Golden rule of travelling – do not assume people with american accents are from the US. They may be from the wonderful Canadian Province of Alberta! Sorry Jen!
  • “The Dutch Family” who run the most amazing restaurant in San Pedro. Don’t miss their daily changing menu. Possibly the finest chocolate fudge cake ever.
  • Monica, Dora and Ingrid, who work at Jungle Party. I seem to have brought out the maternal instinct in them. Dora even refused to close the kitchen one day at 10am, because I hadn’t been for breakfast yet. Was so sweet of her but unusually, I had actually got up at 5 am to climb a bloody active volcano.

So many other cool people too I could mention that I have met in Guatemala over the last few weeks. Thanks to you all!

Anyway, time to go and get breakfast. Got up again at 6am. Don’t know what it is about this place. Must be the view that is vastly improved over Reading town centre that makes me want to get up and out of bed!

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