Nature at it’s worst

Although we had been made aware that there had been an earthquake and a result tsunami by word of mouth from other travellers, I had not expected the scale of what I have just read on the BBC new website.

It is currently stating that there are at least 77,000 confirmed deaths and it could rise to 100,000. The stories from eye-witnesses sound like something from a movie, only it is not. It is harrowing to read the comments of families who are desperately trying to get news of sons and daughters travelling abroad and away from home for extended periods of time, such as I am now.

I don’t really know what else to say. The lack of television seems to numb you to what is going on in the world, whilst one plods from country to country as a backpacker. I’m not sure if ignorance was bliss or not.

God bless all those in peril and desperation at this time.